1. Christian Farhat's Avatar

    So after one week with my phone i finally decided to keep it despite the fact that it has small ...really small issues.

    First i have an O2 phone from germany...it has the latest firmware

    Lets start witht he positive things:

    The phone is so damn quick all applications are really really quick to execute. The screen is Perfect i have no dead pixel or light bleeding ( i did a screen test). The Sound is Perfect.

    The Battery is also very good : 15 hours ---> 50% light -medium usage

    Camera isnt so bad either.... it helps when there is no real camera....

    Now the negative things that i found:

    1) Notification LED only notifies for 5 min (by design).... it would be cool if HTC releases a patch to change this notification time...
    2) Volume button a bit loos...thats also by design i asked the German and US support and i tried several m8...they all have the same "loose" button but no rattle...just it feels cheap compared the overall build of the phone

    3) OCD is kicking.... i found 2 quality control failure i think ... the top grille is not 100% aligned with the screen...i have a 0.1 mm gap (top right) between screen and grille ( grille is higher so no problem when sliding)

    4) OCD is still kicking really hard now i have the grey version so around the screen i there is a white plastic contour which is in contact witht the body frame. In the area near the volume button , i have really really tiny small gap between screen and frame by tiny i mean its even impossible to stick a paper...

    I hesitated to send it back and ask for a replacement but i decided to check other phone at several shops... i check some dark grey and grey ones. most of them had this screen / grille alignement thing...some more critical than others.... some dark grey models had problems. The plastic part around the screen is black for the dark grey.... if we look on the phone horzontally sometimes it is not perfectly even... Some other phones had dead pixels ....

    So each phone has its own small "errors"....i think its difficult to get something 100% these days...anyway i decided to keep mine. I am scared of getting one with worst problems....

    anyway hope it helps some

    BTW all of the phone that i saw had the "loose" volume button
    05-20-2014 03:39 PM
  2. anon(596177)'s Avatar
    Holy Cow, that is some serious critiquing.

    I would not let any of those things bother you, like you said you could have it far, far worse. I have found the phone to be wonderful in both design and smoothness. The added software functionality makes it that much better.

    the volume buttons are pretty much the only thing I have noticed form your critique but I have a case on my phone so they are a non issue to me anyway.

    Enjoy the phone, its pretty amazing!
    05-20-2014 09:41 PM

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