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    I've picked up my M8 a few days ago, and am still getting used to kitkatt (have had HTC's for a while, desire, sensation and One X) and i've read all the business about no write options to SD card, but i've also found that most storage viewer apps can't seem to see the SD card.

    I used to have this app (application storage viewer) on my previous phones :

    (random web picture)

    However, with my M8 (16 GB internal and 64 GB Sd card) it just shows the internal memory split over 2. So it shows internal memory as 8-ish GB, and the same for the external memory.

    I've downloaded a couple other widgets (and idealy want one that looks similar to that this one) but they all do the same, showing internet and external memory as 8 GB, and not seeing my 64 GB card (that now has about 55 GB free left).

    Any ways to change/solve this, so the apps (widgets) see the SD card's available memory ?

    Also, is there a way to deactive the video highlights in the standard gallery, when you open an album ?
    I just want to see the photo's, not a video clip of them.
    05-21-2014 02:18 AM

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