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    When I went to plug in my phone last night, I noticed that the phone was awake for more than 13 hours while unplugged for about 14 hours (unplugged for 14 hours is typical for me on a weekday). 13 hours?! My battery life was still good, if I remember correctly, it was around 40%. So, I decided to see if it stayed awake today for the entire time...and it pretty much did but the battery level was still at 45% after a full day of use. See screenshots from both GSAM and the stock Power app.

    Not sure which app is keeping it awake the whole time...I did have some app updates the other day, which included Google+, Uber, Snapchat, Blinkfeed, Chrome, and Skype. If the battery life wasn't stellar, I'd be way more concerned.

    Anyone else seeing this recently? I'm thinking it has to be one of the apps that recently updated...possibly Google+ since I didn't open it at all today, and still used 3%. Again, not too concerned until I see the battery life go south or if the phone runs continuously hot (which it didn't today).
    Attached Thumbnails Awake Entire Day, Still Great Battery Life-screenshot_2014-05-22-22-30-31.jpg   Awake Entire Day, Still Great Battery Life-screenshot_2014-05-22-22-30-13.jpg   Awake Entire Day, Still Great Battery Life-screenshot_2014-05-22-22-29-49.jpg   Awake Entire Day, Still Great Battery Life-screenshot_2014-05-22-22-29-23.jpg   Awake Entire Day, Still Great Battery Life-screenshot_2014-05-22-22-29-38.jpg  

    05-23-2014 12:47 AM

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