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    So a week ago or so, I posted about while in EPS Mode how to get to settings (Phone/Menu/Settings/tap on call in upper left corner). Now here is another trick to enhance EPS Mode functionality. Key: Enable lock screen widgets. You can add Facebook and Twitter widgets, bookmarks, and Google now. Both Google Now and Bookmarks, will lead you into internet browsing. Full functionality it appears.
    Please note, the purpose of the EPS Mode is to save battery. There more that's available, the less power saved. Also, since a few things are disabled in EPS Mode, you might get Force Close errors, depending on what you attempt to do. (Eg, You use the Android Central App, switch to a different page, and try to come back = force close. As background data is restricted, your recent app is just an image, and not really there, so the phone must force it to close.)

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    05-24-2014 09:36 AM

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