1. briang00's Avatar
    Ok all, Im eligible for an upgrade. Looking at the Moto Droid Maxx, M8, and waiting t see the G3. Whats the good, bad and ugly of the M8?
    05-30-2014 09:24 AM
  2. Almeuit's Avatar
    I've had it for 2 days now (this will be the third) and I haven't found an issue with it so far.. Solid phone.

    Did you have the M7 before?

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    05-30-2014 09:50 AM
  3. fatboy97's Avatar
    Each have their own and much different launchers, so each of the device you names will look and act a little differently depending on what you like or disliked about previous devices. And you can always load a 3rd party launcher to make any of them look and feel the same way... like Nova or any other.

    The M8 is a great device... the biggest thing you will hear from anyone is usually the camera... 4 mega pixels verses whatever the other devices have now a days. Personally, I use the camera and have not seen or consider anything I've seen to be any issue. It takes good pictures for a phone. If I really wanted great pictures I'd buy a real camera, but phones do a good job now a days just for the convenience of having something with you when ever you need it for that job... but I could complain about any of the phone camera's I've had if I really want to knit-pick.
    05-30-2014 10:00 AM
  4. chris2707's Avatar
    Had mine a few days coming from a 4s and I was worried about the camera too but for what I use it for (Facebook, instagram out and about) it does the job far better than I expected it to, yes other phones have higher megapixel count but tbh it is a better phone than anything else on android excluding the camera. The UI is fantastic the phone looks amazing and the screen is brilliant and the HTC advantage programme should mean faster update roll out and if you're in the US (not in UK for me yet) you get your screen repaired for free if you're stupid enough to break it can't recommend it enough

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    05-30-2014 03:47 PM
  5. mlee19841's Avatar
    Great device. I switched from a iPhone5s. It's just so much more u can do. You don't have to wait for someone to push out a jail break. The htc does so much straight out of the box. The camera is great. Speakers are crazy good and the screen and performance is beautiful.

    Posted via HTC m8
    05-30-2014 05:12 PM
  6. raymaane's Avatar
    I enjoy it. And if you think you will that's all that matters.

    The phone feels great and very premium. They put love into making this device. Speakers are pretty good. Screen is nice.

    Check it out!

    Posted via Android Central App
    05-31-2014 12:25 AM
  7. ugxvibe's Avatar
    Get the M8.. it makes breakfast for you too! I believe the good, the bad and the ugly can be found all over this M8 forum.
    05-31-2014 12:31 AM
  8. Lilshaq65's Avatar
    Get the M8. It's a very good phone great phone. The G3 is going to be good but the M8 might be phone of the year or top 5 because it's great.

    Sent from my HTC One_M8 using Tapatalk
    05-31-2014 02:02 AM

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