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    I'm not sure where or how to start. I took over 30 photo's and 30 minutes of video today at my sons awards at school. I had sync turned off, all programs, Google, Dropbox, etc. I haven't rooted my HTC One M8 yet, so there's no other back up program running. I created a album in my gallery and copied the photos and video over to the album, the first option that pops up is to store them in "phone storage" I hit phone storage before I realized what I'd done. I didn't move them, I copied them. I went to Google photos and hit sync, then went back to the phones gallery, I had 2 copies of the photos and video, one set in the album I created and the other copy was on the camera. I was in a hurry when I did all of this. Normally when I create a album I move the pictures, not copy. Here's where I messed up. I went to Google photos and saw all the pics and video uploading, went back to the gallery and deleted the copy under the camera setting. The album I created is gone as well. Is there any way at all possible to retrieve them or are they completely deleted? I've sat here and repeated the exact same process with photos that are already backed up on Google and when I delete them from the camera they still appear in the album I created on the phone itself. I've created albums several times in the past and hit "copy" instead of "move", then go back and delete the copy under from the camera. I have Root Explorer installed and can't find them anywhere, I hooked my phone to my laptop and with no luck. Please help me, tell me if there's any way at all to get these photos back. it just made me sick to my stomach when I saw that I'd deleted the pics.
    05-30-2014 02:59 PM
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    Ugh! Try opening Photos, swiping in from the left, scrolling all the way down, and selecting Trash. Do you see anything there?
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    05-30-2014 05:48 PM
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    No luck, I doubt the photos actually finished syncing to Photos. In my gallery on the phone it has camera roll, highlights and the album's I've created. When I created the album I copied the photos to the album. That left a copy of the photos on the camera roll. Normally when I delete them from the camera roll the album I created is just as it should be. I have no idea what happened this time. Any suggestions or ideas would be greatly appreciated. Thanks for all you guys do!

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    05-30-2014 07:01 PM
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    I started searching the internet and found this. I'll try it when I get home and let you know if it works. There were several other links, if this one doesn't work I'll check out some of the others. I do appreciate your help.


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    05-30-2014 07:59 PM
  5. Antonia1978's Avatar
    Hi did you find a way to recover deleted photos on htc ? I've done the same thx
    08-08-2014 08:43 AM
  6. miarwi's Avatar
    Does it charge to recover the deleted data? The one I mentioned above allowed me to recover photos for free but not the videos. I downloaded several programs initially and I'm sure the one you mentioned was one of them. However, I honestly can't remember if I tried that one after I downloaded it. It became very time consuming and I guess i eventually resigned myself to the fact that it was hopeless. The video I accidentally deleted a very important moment in my son's life, for me not so much him. But I would still love to get it back. I'll make sure I downloaded the one you've recommended. Thank you!
    09-01-2014 10:54 PM
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    Antonia1978, I did recover the photos I deleted using the link above your post. But there was several different ones out there that worked but the video I mentioned that I desperately wanted to retrieve was going to cost more than I could afford at that time. As I mentioned to bonniesmithy I guess I just accepted the fact I wasn't going to be able to get it back.
    09-01-2014 10:59 PM
  8. adb2980's Avatar
    I tried the above mentioned, too, as I also deleted photos from my S5. However, the link for the recovery software isn't recognizing my USB plug-in and it only wants to pull pics off my PC. Thoughts?
    09-03-2014 07:17 PM
  9. Aniqa Shama's Avatar
    I deleted photos from Asus zenfone 3 Max
    09-13-2017 01:53 PM
  10. B. Diddy's Avatar
    Welcome to Android Central! Did you back them up anywhere first? If not, then you're probably out of luck, unless they were saved to the SD card. See this guide: http://forums.androidcentral.com/amb...ted-files.html
    09-20-2017 11:57 AM

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