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    Yesterday morning I switched to M8 and set up 3 aol and 2 gmail accounts on the resident email app. One aol account is not loading. It is loading into the maildroid app (I keep as backup reader) but its not loading on the M8 and also not on my old HTC evo. I have deleted the account and restarted the phone. Not sure why suddenly its not loading on the old phone. The problem account is the first one, was set to default. Any suggestions? thank you.
    06-04-2014 09:07 AM
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    After spending hours on this, talking to Verizon, AOL and finally HTC support. After trying all sorts of things, what worked was to delete the emails (they think one with an attachment is the culprit) from any folder that would sync with the phone, using the AOL desktop. Once I did that, cleared the HTC phone app and reinstalled. It worked on the M8. It ws still not working on the Evo, so I had to clear things out and then it worked there too. So I guess it was a bad attachment, which never, ever happened before.
    06-06-2014 06:19 PM