1. briang00's Avatar
    So I am due an upgrade and looking hard at the M8. My friend is a manager at Verizon and he said dont get it, he has seen issues with them after about a week. So anyone having issues?
    06-05-2014 11:36 AM
  2. cyberr8der's Avatar
    No issues for me. I would still wait for the G3 though.
    06-05-2014 11:39 AM
  3. lucidlyseen's Avatar
    and what exact issues did he mention?
    06-05-2014 11:43 AM
  4. F8ker8's Avatar
    Haven't had a single issue since April 11th

    Posted via Android Central App
    06-05-2014 03:11 PM
  5. cdd543's Avatar
    I had two that had build issues. The screen and speaker panel wasn't aligned on both models. First one on the top and the second on the bottom.
    06-05-2014 04:03 PM
  6. ahutchga1972's Avatar
    What issues? I've had mine since launch day and it's fine.

    Posted via Android Central App
    06-05-2014 06:31 PM
  7. kronosqq's Avatar
    A bonus to working in phone sales is that people will always know about the bugs affecting certain devices. Downside is that you never get someone coming in and saying "wow, I have no problems whatsoever....bye then". You only get the people who have problems. For the M8 there is no widespread messed up thing that's likely to be wrong with it. You're safe.

    Sent from my HTC One M8
    roflwaffleton and dty06 like this.
    06-05-2014 06:32 PM
  8. Craig Waites's Avatar
    That worries me because it means I have a serious microphone fault!
    06-06-2014 03:48 AM

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