1. ugxvibe's Avatar
    Nice update for Ufocus. You can now adjust the level of blur. That should help in areas where it was not quite right..

    What's New
    -Add blur level adjustment in UFocus
    -Dimension Plus and Pan 360 viewer are available for all HTC Sense 6.0 devices.

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    06-09-2014 02:34 PM
  2. Prinny Mask's Avatar
    Being able to adjust the blur is the best thing they could've done. I liked the concept of UFocus, and it was fun to use, but it almost always made the effect too strong to where it looked too overprocessed, or it would make certain random parts of the image where, for whatever reason, it would stay in focus while everything around it would be out of focus properly or vice versa. I'd never end up really keeping any of the blurred pictures, because it was just too finicky. I only tried this for a couple quick pictures already, but it makes such a huge improvement. Around halfway is pretty much the sweet spot for the amount of effect, and keeping those distracting instances to a minimum. Here's one I took yesterday to compare:

    HTC Gallery Update (Adjustable U-focus level)-imag0346_1.jpg
    HTC Gallery Update (Adjustable U-focus level)-imag0346_2.jpg

    The top is at max and what it'd look like before the update, and the bottom is a tiny bit lower than halfway. The top picture looks way more blurred, but you can see the oddness that usually appears like how the top left of the preserver looks like someone drew a line that separates the blurred and unblurred. It also has kind of a weird halo around that same area too on the outline of the preserver. And you can see on the bottom of the wood pole there's an area that's a little bit in focus, with the area around out of focus, and inside of that in focus area there's another small bit that's out of focus. There's an out of focus area inside the in focus area of the out of focus area. The bottom picture is way better. The effect isn't as prominent, but the only oddities you can see anymore is there's still a very tiny amount of the halo left, and a little bit of a tree isn't as out of focus as the rest.

    10/10 will UFocus again.
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    06-09-2014 07:48 PM
  3. tryatt's Avatar
    really liking this update so far.. Ufocus seemed like a bit of a gimmick before the update, now its a bit more usable
    06-10-2014 03:03 AM

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