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    Hey all. Been a week with my new M8 so far and we are digging them. Battery is amazing. Hope it stays that way.

    So my question for the day is this. In my contacts I have them entered as xxxxxxxxx not as xxx-xxx-xxxx and no 1-xxx-xxx-xxxx.

    When I try to voice dial on blue tooth it will say the network isn't available or system is busy at times or when I go to the keypad to call someone and I don't enter the area code first it doesn't recognize the number. Is there a way to fix this? Maybe I am still getting use to coming back to Google from Apple but I don't recall this being an issue before.

    Basically is there something I need to change with my contacts in Google or how my phone is set up to dial people?

    07-10-2014 08:58 AM

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