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    Hi there! So, it's been a little under a month since I bought my new HTC One (M8)...but currently I'm having some problems with it...

    Over the last week or so...the phone will randomly crash and turn off...then turn back on.
    (Sometimes the apps will crash right before this happens)

    Not only does it crash...but when it does, it like...does a system restore I guess? (Like on a computer)

    Literally it goes back to a day from a few days ago (Probably before the error started happening...) and anything that I had done since then...basically gets reverted. So any photos, videos, etc etc basically get deleted because the phone "went back in time" basically. (Text messages are also gone.)

    As I said, it will random do this out of no where.

    It also happens 100% time if I try to update all my apps.
    Then other times it's random and I'm not sure how to reproduce it.
    Heck, one time it happened when I simply unplugged my phone from the charger...

    I've also tried doing a factory rest...but whenever I try...i guess it crashes mid-rest? Because literally everything is still there...

    Thoughts or help?
    07-14-2014 04:05 AM

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