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    I have the tmobile HTC One M8 and I am having a problem with the email sync using the built in mail app. I have been reading online about various things to try and that maybe a software fix is coming to fix it but maybe there is something i am missing so I come to the experts for guidance. I will say I am coming from a Galaxy S3 and never had any sync delay issues before.

    I have the built in mail app setup for a POP account and an exchange account. The pop account doesn't have push so it is set to check every 30 minutes. I know I get some email for that account every morning so when I see no new notifications I go into it the account and then it shows updating and email comes in. The times of the email are like 3am or 4 am and I am checking at like 7 or 8 so they should have come in much earlier.

    Similar issue with my exchange account setup. Sometimes I get emails no problem but it seems to be if I don't use the phone for a while that i don't get new emails until I go into the account and it shows updating. I have checked the sync option for peak and off peak and both are using push. I have no power saving option setup that I can see. I have removed the account and added it back and the same thing occurs. I am at a loss as what else to do. I need work email to work 100% so if it is in fact a phone or software issue and not me what other email programs are people using that work 100%?
    07-15-2014 11:05 AM

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