1. ItsMikeE's Avatar
    My M8 is only a few days old and so far battery life seems OK.
    I have seen some posts that say battery takes a week to settle
    I have previously used both GSAM and Better Battery Stats, and they have shown nothing that looks like a problem.

    Came across Snapdragon Battery Guru.
    Downloaded it yesterday and it has a 2 day 'learning period' which I am obviously still in.
    Anyone who has had their M8 for longer tried this?
    And would you combine this with 'Power Saving' mode?
    07-23-2014 02:16 AM
  2. whitelunchbag's Avatar
    Don't bother

    My M8 posted this
    07-23-2014 05:46 AM
  3. ItsMikeE's Avatar
    Don't bother
    because ...
    07-23-2014 05:51 AM
  4. whitelunchbag's Avatar
    It does nothing, if anything it uses more battery than without

    My M8 posted this
    07-23-2014 05:54 AM

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