08-24-2014 07:53 PM
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    I love my G3... and you are right there are improvements over the G2 and maybe comparison to G3 is better when considering the M8.... but from my experience... the G2 battery is much better than the G3 battery life.. best phone for battery life I ever had and I think it still better than coworkers M8 when comparing data.

    With that said, if you sold your G2 and bought G3, I just don't think you'd see that great of an improvement for the cost. Just like my buddy has last years One and he went with an M8 and kinda misses his previous One. For both of us it didnt cost us anything to swap up so no biggie but upgrading on a one year old phone now a days to me doesnt seem worth it unless you can do it for barely nothing. If you had the model before the G2... then I'd say go for it.

    In all fairness, as MDMcAtee pointed out, the M8 is a newer phone and if you had to compare to anything, the G3 would be a more appropriate comparison. The G3 improves on the G2 in many ways, rather than go through a litany of the differences and improvements here, check this comparison that was done on here by Alex Dobie and other Android Central editors on Jul 28. Very interesting reading and informative comparisons that will help you decide. An absolute must and unbiased article for anyone trying to decide between these awesome phones:http://www.androidcentral.com/lg-g3-versus-htc-one-m8^IV
    08-24-2014 01:59 PM
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    Couldn't make up my mind what to keep. Rooted the g2 and used it for a small week or so.
    Haven't decided if I want to sell the m8 again I picked up in the local phone store.
    So right now I've set up the m8 aswell and trying to love it. But keeps going back to the lg.
    The m8 just feels to tall for me, and the narrow screen versus th g2 annoys me abit. The boomsound is great. Full and rich sound. Just expected mayby a bit louder. Can't hear it while taking a shower. Lg g2 does the job similar, just lacks the deepth aka bass.

    But still haven't decided yet. Taking the m8 next tide as my main phone too see if I can fall in love in it aswell. If not.
    Selling it again and keeping the g2 until I find a new which I see as a competitor to the g2.
    But thanks all

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    08-24-2014 04:47 PM
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    I had the M7 for 6 months, the G2 for another 6 months, and now have had the M8 for just over a month. I was sad when I switched from Sprint to T-Mobile and had to give up my M7, but I did that in January, before the M8 was released, so the G2 was the next best bet for a phone. In my mind, I was really ready to go back to the M8 for reasons that aren't based on internals or on paper benchmarks, I went for purely cosmetic and usability.

    The things I liked about the G2:
    -Phone felt good in the hand - good size, a bit wider than M7/8
    -The buttons on the back, were really nice once you got used to them
    -Knock on feature works differently and better imo than on the M8
    -I liked the setup of the stock keyboard (even though the word prediction was horrid)
    -Battery life w/ battery saver was great. Compared to the M8 it depends on your OCD level. The % level on the G2 could stay at 100 with light use for hours, where the M8 drops pretty quickly. But overall in my normal work day, by the time I unplugged at 7am, left around 4pm I was between 70-80%, so the OCD need to be at 100% as long as possible people will like the G2 for that reason.
    -It wasnt a Samsung. Granted it looked and ran similar, I loathed my Galaxy II and will never buy a Samsung Phone again.

    Why I didnt like the G2
    -From the moment I put my M7 down and picked up the G2, it felt thin, and cheap. I like a thin phone as much as the next person but it was so light, it felt like I could snap it in half.
    -Sluggish UI
    -Laughable speakers (coming from the M7)

    Again the G2 is a perfectly good phone, but I went for the M8 because it felt better, more like a premium phone, even though I keep it under a screen protector and case all the time. I really missed Boomsound ... those speakers are just fantastic. The sense UI is also fantastic, feels very clean and quick. The size of the M8 is a bit interesting, as it is a tall phone. I didnt notice that much of a difference besides it felt a bit thinner, but it's still usable. Even though there are internal reasons for it, the Black bar at the bottom of the screen is not great, i would rather have had capacative keys there rather than nothing. Because of the metal it is a slippery phone, so a nice clear case does the job to make it more manageable. I am indifferent with the camera side of the phones. I really was not impressed at the 13MP camera on the G2, it was slow to take pictures and they werent special. The M8 takes decent enough photos, granted I dont use my phone as an everyday camera, minus sending pictures to friends or uploading on ebay.

    Overall I was super stoked to get an HTC device back in my hands last month, I was excited to get rid of the G2 even though it was a perfectly good phone, it was just not my cup of tea coming from the M7. Yes the M8 has it's flaws but I have faith in HTC and I love their phone. Hopefully this rambling helps!
    08-24-2014 07:53 PM
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