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    Can someone explain to me two things? The first thing is why does android not have tts for texts built into the operating system? This seems like such an easy feature, but it is so important. I know it's not because it's technically challenging, because Windows Phone has had it for years, and I remember using it long before that, just not sure on what platform. So how did Google fail so epcially in not including this feature?

    The second question is, is there a way to get it to work without needing an app? I'm looking around for hacks, tricks, but so far nothing.
    I'm currently using the HTC one m8 on Verizon with the stock Rom.

    Thank you for your insight.

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    08-15-2014 06:26 PM
  2. Lok52's Avatar
    Google has it as a separate app so they can update it anytime they want. If it was integrated into the os, they could only update when they are doing a major os update. Now if they want to add or update languages they just do it. So if I were you, I would just install the Google TTS app, or try out a third party app. It isn't like you are limited in the number you can use.

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    08-15-2014 11:32 PM
  3. ATCraiger's Avatar
    I downloaded their application near the beginning of my search. I've updated and enabled it, but it still won't read my messages to me no matter what I try. I am using an android phone with HTC Sense, could that be messing it up? I am rooted and ready to flash if there is a ROM that would actually allow me this functionality.

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    08-16-2014 01:25 PM

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