1. aleksander_danev's Avatar
    Glad I`m a part of the people who own this amazing phone. But still I think I`ve noticed something strange, and I`d like you to give me your opinion. I`ve had my HTC M8 for a week now and I these days I saw that there is a thin brighter line ot the top of the screen. It shines where there is the grey colour of the panel ot the notifications and also you can see it while looking at a photo with brighter colours. It`s like its the place where the light comes in. And I think it shouldn`t be like that on a flagman device. I went to my local provider and asked if it should be like that but they told me that they didn`t know and i must get a third opinion on this matter. I`ve compared my phone to others in 2 shops and one of them was something like that but other wasn`t. There was another thing. My screen brightness was way more related to the phones left in the shops and the white balance ot ,y screen was waaay whiter. Mine is like snow white and the other phones were more yellowish. So what do you think i should do? Should I get a replacement or repair with my guarantee? Thank you very much a sorry for the long post!
    09-04-2014 03:04 AM
  2. snowfree52's Avatar
    do you have pictures of it ?

    there are 2 type of screen on the M8 it seems. you got the nice one
    09-04-2014 11:42 AM
  3. aleksander_danev's Avatar
    HTC M8 screen problem-dscn5026.jpg

    The nice one ? I don`t think it should be glowing like this it is even more obvious when you look at photos, and today i was in another store, where again the exhibited phone wasn`t as bright as mine. And no one can give me an exact correct answer... The phone is like two times brighter and whiter than the others I`ve compared it with. I`m stranded and frustrated and don`t know if I should go and ask for a replacement.
    09-04-2014 12:01 PM
  4. Mooncatt's Avatar
    It's the actual backlight bleeding through instead of going through the diffuser. But sure if it can be "fixed" but mine does it too. It's not too noticeable on mine, but maybe yours is worse.
    09-04-2014 04:19 PM

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