1. TheGiraffe78's Avatar
    Hello kind folks of AndroidCentral. Lend me your ears. Cast out you inner most thoughts on the quandary. Alas ever since the latest serving of KitKat (4.4.4) via Verizon I seem to be having some issues with sending, or rather over sending, pics via SMS or MMS. My fair raven domesticated companion complains to thee of receiving multiple times. Thy only resolution to this debacle is to restart thy beast to clear its OCD tendency. Oh great patrons of this wonderful township, your input on to any solution to our quandary will be greatly admired and appreciated. Not by myself but also to those who may be the recipient of multiple MMS from my OCD device.
    10-29-2014 06:35 PM
  2. TheGiraffe78's Avatar
    Good morn to you kind folks of AndroidCentral. I see yee have taken notice and interest in my quandary however yee have not expressed a solution to solve my predicament. Please I beg of yee to reach out and easy my fair raven's misery for Thee do quite enjoy sharing my everyday adventures with her however she only enjoys seeing each pic only once. Thy device's OCD in sending the same pic multiple times is quite taxing. Good day and God speed.

    10-30-2014 10:02 AM

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