1. SuzyD313's Avatar
    Over the last couple of months the USB port has been getting progressively wonkier, to where I've had to be holding it while charging this last week, always eventually charging, but being slower and more difficult to do so.

    Replacement phone is due tomorrow, today my current phone decided it doesn't want to power up anymore. My PC backup is a few weeks old (was waiting to be ready to transfer to get all the latest data), I do have the automatic HTC backups going, but, to be honest, I'm not totally sure where they go, or what's in them.

    I have tried different cables, different chargers (both wall and laptop USB, which didn't acknowledge anything plugged in, but the phone is powered down, so that may be part of it, too), holding down the power, the volume up/volume down for various lengths of time in various combinations. No luck at all. I saw the orange light for a few seconds this morning, and not again since.

    Questions. 1. Any tricks to getting it to charge and come on, it doesn't need to fix it, just get it running long enough.
    2. If it powers up, is there some app that will mirror the old to the new, so I'll have all my apps and app data and settings loaded as before? I have the impression the HTC app only does selected stuff, and apps aren't transferred, but I could be wrong.
    3. If it doesn't come back on, has anyone else had experience at the AT&T store? can they do anything to retrieve my images and documents, at least?
    4. How do I wipe my personal data before returning it, either dead or alive?

    Any advice would be appreciated. I come from BlackBerry, so a phone with a battery that doesn't come out (and thus reset), just does not compute. I've never had to do a warranty swap before. The phone is not rooted or modded in any way.

    11-18-2014 10:04 PM
  2. mfreeland's Avatar
    HTC auto back up will save all settings, apps with data, wallpaper, wifi network passwords and stuff like that. It works well and you can use it to restore your new phone. Pictures, docs, and music will not be backed up, although I usually store them on the SD card, so that's not an issue. I would check with AT&T about the rest.
    11-19-2014 01:41 PM

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