1. nikhilrocks's Avatar
    since sunshine is have technical issues in my region to work,i cant have s-off and the GPE rom requires s-off but the OP says its great if managed to flash the rom with s-on , i want to know will there be any issue if i flash the rom and if the problem is the bootloop we can fix it by fastboot boot boot.img , just curious as HTC has ruined the android l material design in android 5.0 as sense 6 doesn't look good and seeing the GPE rom it looks amazing on the HTC M8
    here is the rom : [ROM][11/21/14][5.0]Google Play Edition - Android Lollipop(OFFICIAL!!!)[MULTICARRIER]
    11-23-2014 03:28 AM
  2. whitelunchbag's Avatar
    You really need to be asking these questions on XDA, where there are more people with the knowledge to help you

    What firmware are you on now?

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    11-23-2014 03:32 AM
  3. nikhilrocks's Avatar
    i haven't rooted yet but im on the latest firmware of sense , im on android 4.4.4 stock, the reason i haven't asked on XDA is because the site isnt allowing me saying i need developer permission or i need to reply some posts
    11-23-2014 04:05 AM
  4. whitelunchbag's Avatar
    My only advice is to read, read and read some more. Then read again before you flash anything

    All the info you need is in the xda forums

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    11-23-2014 04:31 AM
  5. Whyareallthegoodnamestaken's Avatar
    Yeah seriously mate, this is the wrong place for something this complex.

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    11-23-2014 04:44 AM
  6. whitelunchbag's Avatar
    I could tell you exactly what you need to do, but trust me, it's better to learn for yourself and understand the process, rather than just following instructions

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    11-23-2014 04:46 AM

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