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    Hey guys, a few months ago I dropped my HTC One M8 from a relatively high distance and something happened. My screen got this black blotche around one on the corners of the screen. So, my main question is that should I try to get it fixed over a span of 6 business days, or replaced within 4 days? I am also asking if anyone knows if these dead pixels are fixable with a screen replacement, and if it would be better of getting a new One M8, than the same One M8 fixed (if possible)? I'm just unsure if there are any broken core components, and it's not the screen itself.

    -Thanks , yupol

    PS: I am not "unsure" about making this decision do to the amount of days it takes HTC to fix or replace, but the phone itself.

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    12-18-2014 06:08 AM
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    To answer your main question, I believe you should go for a replacement device if you have that option. And regarding your second question, yes, the dead pixels will of course disappear when they replace the screen.

    Dropping your device is never a good idea, and of course one or more of the internal components could have been misplaced in the process, and sometimes it takes a week or even a month for the effect to start showing, which is why I'd go for a replacement if you have that option.

    Good luck
    12-18-2014 07:58 AM
  3. yupol's Avatar
    Hey man, I wanted to say thanks for all the help and support here about my HTC one m8. I finally traded it in, and got a new! Thanks a ton! 😁

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    02-13-2015 02:16 PM

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