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    Hello guys well for one i fixed my screen problem so thanks to you guys for that Now i have another problem i have a blue wire that i dont know if it is needed or not i seen other videos of the htc one teardown but i didnt see anyone with a blue wire Htc one blue wire-20150118_122431.jpg Its suppose to those ports but it doesnt want to go in for some reason either its damaged or something, so do i really need that wire in the phone?Htc one blue wire-20150118_122449.jpg
    01-18-2015 12:31 PM
  2. Rtruth040xx's Avatar
    Anyone have. Answer to this?
    01-21-2015 02:28 PM
  3. BigDinCA's Avatar
    Well I'm not sure exactly what the cable is for but in general that is a micro RF coaxial cable. It's for the cellular signal or the WiFi signal or even the GPS or LTE signal. It sends the signal from one point to another inside the device through the tiny little center pin, while the outer portion of the connectors are a ground, or shield, to keep the signal clean from spurious interference from a plethora of RF signals that pass through it (and you) at any given moment. Think of it as a very, very, very small version of the cable that plugs into the back of your cable box or your TV. They can be a pain but you need to make sure the fins around the edge aren't bent. If it doesn't snap into place then gently rock it side to side while pushing down. Kinda' like getting a new pair of Levi's and having to work the button in until it snaps smoothly. Keep in mind that these connectors aren't really designed to be reconnected over and over so be gentle with it.
    01-22-2015 12:52 AM
  4. Rtruth040xx's Avatar
    ok thank you
    01-22-2015 01:40 PM
  5. Rtruth040xx's Avatar
    Is there anyway that i can test to see if the wire is actually in there like a fuction that lets me check if it works or not, im afraid if i mess with it, the wire might become lose
    01-22-2015 11:08 PM
  6. BigDinCA's Avatar
    Sorry, but unless you had a schematic it's pretty near impossible on a printed circuit board like that. You could try to trace the foil run at either end of the cable and that may lead you to a chip, which you could then look up and find out what type of signal processor it is, i.e. GPS, LTE, etc. Of course you can always power it up and see what isn't working, but that's risky because now you have power applied to a device and live circuits that you can easily damage if you touch them.

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    01-25-2015 12:28 AM
  7. Taipai's Avatar
    Hi, The HTC ONE M7 and M8 models came with two different style charging port/microphone/headset IC's for the 16 and 32 GB versions. The 32 GB versions used either a white and a black or a white and a blue coax cable to connect to the main logic board. Leave either cable disconnected and you'll have no microphone. You'd have to use speakerphone (secondary mic) to be heard. Been there, done that.
    09-23-2015 09:56 AM

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