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    I have an htc one m8 with android 5.0.1 (lollipop). I am experiencing some stuttering issues. For example, in the app drawer when I scroll up and down for a certain period of time slowly (like for a 1 minute or so), there will be a glitch/stutter where the scroll quickly and automatically goes to next page (it is almost like the app drawer just blinked and refreshed but it shouldn't be doing that right?). After that stutter/glitch then no more glitches/stutters occur.

    It usually happens when my cell signal is weak


    If i turn ON the cell radio or WIFI after being exiting airplane mode, the phone starts connecting to the wifi or cell signal and a stutter in the app drawer occurs.

    But the scrolling everywhere else is fine (ex.scrolling in homescreen pages). There are no glitches,stutters etc. anywhere except for in the app drawer.

    So is it doing that since the phone is trying to connect to the wifi/cell radio and causes the stutter?

    I suspect that many users will not have experienced this issue even if it exists because not everybody would be focusing so much time scrolling in the app drawer like I do for no apparent reason anyway lol. I just wanted to know if it is normal on every htc one m8 or not.

    Let me know if I am not being clear enough, thanks!
    02-13-2015 12:48 AM
  2. Deathunter-M8's Avatar
    Try to wipe the cache

    Sent from my HTC One M8
    02-13-2015 01:07 AM

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