1. constructionlaw's Avatar
    I decided to try the Smart Lock feature post lollipop update and for a while it showed the home and work toggle switches. Now it just shows a home address that it gets from Maps and no work address. Both of these locations are set in maps and in Google Now. I also don't seem to be able to use the safe location function. I've cleared the cache partition and would hate to go through the factory reset process to try and fix it.

    I use a pattern unlock and have an encrypted phone. Don't know if this helps at all.
    03-12-2015 08:19 AM
  2. B. Diddy's Avatar
    Welcome to Android Central! Did you recently encrypt the phone, or has it always been encrypted? Are you able to add your workplace address manually as a Trusted Location?
    03-12-2015 12:19 PM
  3. constructionlaw's Avatar
    It is encrypted and yes I can add any location manually as far as that goes. The Home location is also not a toggle but a location taken from Google maps. It used to be a toggle.
    03-12-2015 02:43 PM
  4. B. Diddy's Avatar
    My wife's M8 still has the toggle switches, but hers isn't encrypted. Did this start after the encryption, or before?
    03-12-2015 03:54 PM
  5. constructionlaw's Avatar
    After. Thanks.

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    03-12-2015 04:00 PM

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