1. AC Question's Avatar
    I have a HTC One M8 from Verizon as a Christmas present. Phone was running 4.4.4 s/w version. When i tried to update it yesterday, it was unsuccessful.

    After this unsuccessful attempt, phone kept restarting any time during apps activity, calls etc. I tried to update again using the Sync Manager as well as through the phone today. So far all attemps are unsuccessful.

    Finally, i factory reset the phone and still the update is unsuccessful. I tried the repair option also through Sync Manager and it also failed. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks.
    03-20-2015 09:54 PM
  2. Rukbat's Avatar
    The phone is under warranty. The over the air update is under warranty. Bring the phone into a Verizon company store and ask them to please repair or replace the phone. If you can't fix a phone that has a replacement warranty in 5 minutes, stop wasting time. Part of the price you pay every month is for service - use it.
    03-20-2015 11:10 PM

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