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    Hi...bought htc one m8 assuming it needed a new battery without realising cant just remove it like most phones....basically no combination of 'hard set' button has done anything. When plugged into wallcharger solid red light show, no flashing etc...phone still lifeless....when charger removed light disappears still lifeless...also computer has no sign it plugged in either...it all boxed etc..was looking for advice on whether this might be a dead battery or whether it taking to repair shop or whether anyone has any advice or is it totally gone...(i was assured it not water etc damage) dont want to throw more money at it)...cheers if anyone can help
    03-22-2015 08:08 PM
  2. Raptor007's Avatar
    Sounds like you are in the UK? Is the M8 new, used from eBay or a refurbished unit from a carrier store? If its new then warranty it is, if you got it on eBay (or similar site) you should have some kind of buyer protection as it could have been sold defective to you.

    If you are in the UK try hitting up HTC's support site HTC Support | HTC United Kingdom
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    03-22-2015 09:46 PM
  3. Rukbat's Avatar
    Or try leaving the charger plugged in for 24 hours without checking the phone. then check it, with the charger still plugged in. If it works, unplug the charger from the phone and see if it stays on. If it does, use it until the phone tells you to charge it, turn it off and fully charge it. go through 3 cycles like that - full charge, use until the phone tells you to charge it. (If, during this period, you can't get to a charger when the phone tells you to charge it, turn the phone off.)

    If it doesn't come back to life, you'll probably need a new battery, and that will require a trip to the shop if there's no warranty with the phone. HTC can do it, but a local shop can probably do it while you wait if they have a battery in stock. It takes about 15 minutes if the technician is methodical and slow.
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    03-23-2015 12:21 AM
  4. billdabike's Avatar
    Yer cardiff...i bought it off gumtree so i realise its my fault purchase-wise...i paid 85 so perhaps i can sell it for spares but i would like to try and fix but as its quite hard to open i dont want to do so to replace battery to realise its a knackered motherboard etc...thanks for the reply
    03-23-2015 11:13 AM
  5. billdabike's Avatar
    Hi have charged it for quite a while but will try what u suggest...would a shop be able to diagnose other faults despite it being lifeless except for the red light...not bn able to find anything online which describes this fault...i have the box and everything else but not sure when it was produced and would warranty cover it despite it being second hand though seller was quite insistent i sign for the receipt...My worry is that i spend money on shop replacing battery for it to turn out to be a more serious problem....thanks for reply
    03-23-2015 11:22 AM

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