1. AlphaVictor87's Avatar
    I've been through all the settings in my hangouts and restarted my phone and wiped my cache for the phone and the app.

    Anyone else having this problem?
    04-07-2015 04:40 PM
  2. SpookDroid's Avatar
    Have you tried signing out of Hangouts and signing back in?
    04-07-2015 06:00 PM
  3. AlphaVictor87's Avatar
    Have you tried signing out of Hangouts and signing back in?
    I did try signing out and back in. No luck. I think next step i'm going to uninstall the app then re-download. Hope that helps. Will report back.

    EDIT: Looks like resetting the app to factory settings (since you can't uninstall apparently) then re-updating seems to do the trick.
    SpookDroid likes this.
    04-08-2015 10:21 AM
  4. SpookDroid's Avatar
    Glad you got it back! And thanks for letting us know what fixed it, might help others with the same problem!
    04-08-2015 12:43 PM
  5. lc7997's Avatar
    how do you "reset the app to factory settings"?
    12-01-2015 12:39 PM

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