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    Hi guys,

    Started getting some issues on my HTC One M8 a few days ago and I thought I'd ask here. I'm on T-Mobile and running 5.0 (or whatever their most recent version is).

    The 3 main issues I'm having (or have noticed so far) are:
    1) Sometimes, for no reason I can discern, auto-rotate gets locked in and is always on. So even though I go into every setting I can think of and turn it off, the phone will still auto-rotate. This even applies to my homescreen (which is as far as I know, isn't supposed to happen at all since I'd never seen that before). Its incredibly annoying since taking the phone slightly off-center will cause it to rotate.

    2) Sometimes it will stop charging for no reason, even though the charger is plugged in, the phone isn't fully charged, and it was working just fine moments ago. After a few careful attempts I'll get it to keep charging. This has happened on 3 separate chargers, so I know its not the charger itself. Quite frustrating to plug it in, thinking its charging, then come back an hour later and find nothing has happened.

    3) Just noticed this last night, so i'm not sure if its new or I just hadn't picked up on it. Doesn't matter whether its plugged in or not, the screen will turn on randomly for 15-20 seconds. Without picking up the phone, i'll press the button to turn it off, and it does, but then it turns on again after about 10 seconds. I did this multiple times to try to get it to stay off, but I just gave up and placed the phone face down.

    I did do a quick search over the weekend for the auto-rotate thing and saw a post that mentioned going into apps and clearing the app data for HTC Sense Input, the rebooting. Doing this seems to provide some temporary relief for a few hours. I'd tried regular reboots and power-offs, but the auto-rotate issue was persistent until I started messing with HTC Sense Input.

    Not really sure what started the issue. Haven't installed any new apps recently, though I have done a few app updates here and there. But those still seem to work fine.

    Anybody else seeing anything similar or have any advice?

    04-22-2015 07:25 AM
  2. puch96's Avatar
    Try performing a cache partition wipe in recovery mode and re-start the phone to see if some of those issue go away...
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    04-22-2015 09:42 AM
  3. J R Mtz's Avatar
    Thanks for the tip. Tried it, but the phone was still a screwy.
    I had given up, and was starting to organize some files for a wipe, when I decided to run the App updates for some apps I'd been holding out on due to new permissions that I didn't want. For some reason, it hasn't happened since then. It may be a coincidence, but i really hope i avoid a wipe. I don't want to lose my game save data.
    04-23-2015 07:13 AM

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