1. AC Question's Avatar
    Hi my boyfriends HTC one m8 is on the newest software update and has been for awhile and he hasn't had any issues but today he was getting ready to use it and the just the "O" on the keyboard won't work and he's tried powering it off and back on any other advice
    06-26-2015 09:59 AM
  2. Deathunter-M8's Avatar
    Let him install a keyboard from the PlayStore, enable and use the new keyboard, now see if the O still not working.

    Sent from my HTC One M8
    06-26-2015 01:21 PM
  3. BigDinCA's Avatar
    It's where he hides his porn. He tells you it isn't working so you don't check it, but it works just fine.
    06-29-2015 01:36 PM

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