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    Hi all,
    have owned M8 for a year. No issues. Have had it paired to 2013 civic for entire time... No issues. I am a heavy businesses user (phone, email etc..don't care about other functions) Recently I felt phone was lagging a bit...did hard reset, reloaded everything. Once again it running perfect...except...I cannot pair to car. Here's what happens:
    I add new phone from car. No issues...
    Work's like a charm.

    I disconnect and try to reconnect....then my phone goes into a cycle of asking for pin. It will not pair again until I re add from the car.

    I have cleared car system. Renamed phone. Tried to get it to reconnect for days.

    Many websites suggest going into advanced settings. I cannot find any advanced settings under settings>Bluetooth>advanced

    I am really at a loss here. I need to be on the phone many times a day while driving.

    07-24-2015 08:16 AM

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