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    I recently had a trip to the US (from the UK) and had a problem with data roaming becoming activated on my HTC One M8 (running 5.0.1 - not rooted) without me touching the phone. I had made sure that the data roaming option (settings -> Mobile Data -> Data roaming) was turned off as I didn't want to be charged the extortionate £6/MB fees.

    On two occasions (once when the phone was in my bag and once when it was in my pocket) I heard a text message notification and saw that my carrier (O2) was informing my of the charges I would incur whilst I was data roaming. I immediately set the phone to airplane mode but the phone had already performed part of its sync. I've ended up being charged over £20 for these blips.

    Has anyone else had their HTC One M8 (or any other phone) turn data roaming on automatically? I can't see how this could have happened, unless there is a bug somewhere in the phone's software.
    08-25-2015 03:32 PM

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