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    At work we switched from Lotus Notes to Microsoft exchange last week, now allowing us to get corporate/work email on Android, previously limited to use of Lotus traveller on iPhone devices. Unlike Hillary Clinton, my Android had been for personal use, and my iPhone for work.

    Only catch is that devices must now be fully encrypted. I figured sure, why not encrypt my M8, since on my iPhone 5s encryption never slowed it down one bit. Oops. Horrific decision. After 5 days with M8 phone encryptiton, I just had to factory reset to remove the encryption setting and get my phone back. It was so slow that it sometimes took 5 or 6 seconds for the numbers to show on the lock screen after pressing the power button or double tapping. Facebook took up to 20 seconds to load. Spotify took more than 15 seconds. It was painful to load Swiftkey keyboard to respond to text messages. Camera loaded in more than 10 seconds. My old EVO 4g LTE loaded faster. There is not too much info in these forums for folks who have had a slow experience after encryption. Sure, for some I guess it doesn't slow too much. But for me, this was the worst experience. I think my original Palm 600p was faster even before Evdo A.

    After the reset and reinstallation of most of my apps, things are back to lightning quick. Pain in the backside to restore everything, but worth the few hours to return to a usable phone. Your mileage may vary. So nice to be able to scroll through the Gallery again. Pictures load quickly. Blinkfeed is now useable again. Back to one phone for work, one for personal use. I get work Outlook exchange mail through my web browser on my M8. Not as good as push email on the iPhone, but at least I can still use the M8.

    Still love my M8 HK. Rest of my family has upgraded from HTC One M7s to M9s on Sprint. Son and daughter got them on 2 year, $5/month leases last spring. I thought that was a good deal, but this month Sprint has loyalty leases for free, so my wife has her M9 free for 2 years. Just have to turn it in after lease is up. Cannot complain. Hope HTC survives for another 2 years. Meantime, I am eligible to upgrade my iPhone 5s to whatever the new phone is in about 3 weeks. Personally, I like Android so much more than iOS.
    08-31-2015 01:23 PM

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