1. talha zameeruddin's Avatar
    hey guys.... i am an m8 user for the past 1 year.... its a great phone i agree , can never deny it.
    i have just two issues which i would like u ppl to sort out if u can
    1. a few days back i got an upadte of about 54 mb. i dint actually see the detail but it was a system update. during the download the file got corrupted due to bad wifi so i had to download it again and then the phone restarted and afer that my wifi started havving issues. its not getting connected and just showing scannig for network. what shall i do about it. its working ok in safe mode.
    2. the in-call volume has decreased a lot for me , it fell of a few times from my hand so is that the reason for it or can i adjust it? when i watch movies or play songs the upper speaker has low volume in comparision to the bottom speaker.
    it was perfect before but dont know wats affecting it now.
    will be glad if you guys could help.
    thank you
    09-10-2015 01:49 AM

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