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    after reading around i have found out that ford sync and android do not get along with usb play, which id like to do for quality reasons. all the music i have is stored on micro sd because of the large volume and from what ive read and understand some ppl have been able to trick ford sync into it working by creating a directory exactly like apples paths for music and rooting their phones and installing it as a mass storage driver instead of MTP unfortunately it was for samsung and does not seem like that solution will work for HTC, is there a way to convert htc m8 to mass storage? other solutions i thought might be possible but dont know would be possibly putting my internal and external storage into a RAID configuration but do not know if that is possible or not. If anyone has seen any solutions before please redirect me to them. My phone is currently rooted and i do have twrp installed if that helps i also am using sync 1.44 on a 2011 f150 w/out touchscreen. Thanks
    11-21-2015 11:02 AM

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