1. Tempest79's Avatar
    I upgraded my phone to marshmollow last night. Im not entirely impressed with the phones performance but whatever. The camera annoys me . when i use the camera and use the grid view button to close stuff my phone goes into landscape mode. i shut auto rotate off and that didnt fix it. i know there are tweaks and fixes for android m but is there a fix for this annoying crap? my phone was in portrate and it does this crap camera questuion-12795575_10156595067520464_478545308647927736_n.jpg
    03-08-2016 07:00 AM
  2. B. Diddy's Avatar
    So just to be clear--when you're using the Camera in landscape orientation, and then you tap the Recent Apps button (from within the Camera app), the Recent Apps list appears in landscape orientation, even though you have the phone's Auto-Rotate turned off (and therefore you're expecting everything to default to portrait mode). Is that right? What happens if you select some other app in the Recent Apps list--does it turn back to portrait mode (assuming the app you pick doesn't force landscape)?
    03-08-2016 05:28 PM

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