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    I gave my phone (HTC m8) to repair today the lady at the he Vodafone store ejected my SD card and my sim. I use my SD card as 'internal memory' and it had all my holiday photos on it. I thought this was a sound backup. I tried puttingy SD card in another htc m8 and Clicked the mount option however phone was unable to do this as android couldn't recognise the file type. The only option is to reformat. I don't want to lose hope of recovering my photos so have not reformatted. I also tried inserting the card into my dell laptop. It can see the drive but once again got an error message about file types when trying to open.

    Please help! Is my data lost due to the Vodafone attendant not dismounting the card properly.

    04-04-2016 04:36 PM
  2. Joedog4's Avatar
    You could try a sd card recovery program on your laptop. A quick google found one called cardrecovery never used it but at least worth a try.
    04-05-2016 12:01 AM
  3. illdini's Avatar
    TestDisk works very well recovering from SD cards, and it's free:

    TestDisk - Partition Recovery and File Undelete

    In the future, you may want to also sync to a cloud service along with saving to SD card - one can never have too many backups.
    04-06-2016 12:24 PM

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