1. Sparksa's Avatar
    Hi guys
    From a couple of weeks I started to get the error "Gallery has stopped working unexpectedly. Would you like to send an error report to HTC? This will help is improve our products."
    Things I've done so far, cleared the data and cache for Gallery, restored the phone to the factory settings, cleared the phone's cache from Recovery Mode.
    Nothing worked and I still get the same error.
    If you guys have more ideas, I'll be grateful and happy to try them.

    04-09-2016 07:17 AM
  2. B. Diddy's Avatar
    Welcome to Android Central! Are you using an SD card? Try unmounting the card in Settings>Storage. ​If the card is corrupt, it might be causing issues.
    04-10-2016 07:01 PM
  3. Sparksa's Avatar
    Thank you Daddy.
    I already try that, checked the SD card and is fine. I'm getting the same error even when the card is not mounted.
    04-11-2016 03:11 AM
  4. B. Diddy's Avatar
    What about Safe Mode? I ask this even though you did a factory reset, because 3rd party apps often reinstall automatically from Google Play Store immediately after you set the phone back up.
    04-12-2016 12:41 AM
  5. Sparksa's Avatar
    No success
    04-15-2016 05:07 AM
  6. B. Diddy's Avatar
    If it's happening in Safe Mode, I'd wonder about either a corrupt photo file stored on Internal Storage, or some problem with the phone's firmware. Try backing up all of your locally stored photos/videos to your computer hard drive (or to the cloud), then delete all of those photos/videos. Now see if the problem persists.
    04-15-2016 06:54 PM
  7. Sparksa's Avatar
    Had an update today and sorted it.
    B. Diddy likes this.
    04-27-2016 03:33 AM

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