1. 0569 dloB's Avatar
    Hello folks, this is my first official post with exeption to my intro. Please bear with me if this question has been asked, I did search quite thoroughly, as well as I am able to at this point. So I have an HTC One M8 and would like to update the software but I'm not currently with a service provider. I purchased the phone through Verizon but haven't been with them for nearly a year now. Is there a fairly straightforward way to do this? I am tech savvy but don't know how root etc. I'm not even sure if my phone is unlocked etc. Thank you in advance and again, apologies if this has been covered ad nauseam.
    04-09-2016 02:24 PM
  2. B. Diddy's Avatar
    Welcome to Android Central! Can you use the HTC Sync Manager program on your computer to manually update the phone's firmware?
    04-09-2016 10:47 PM
  3. 0569 dloB's Avatar
    B. Diddy- Thanks for the suggestion, it seems to be working, albeit incredibly slowly. I've downloaded 3% in about 40 minutes...You know, I had just ruled the HTC Sync Manager out because it hadn't worked in the past and I just generally have problems with that program unfortunately. But hey, it seems to be happening so thanks so much!
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    04-11-2016 06:25 PM
  4. 0569 dloB's Avatar
    Crikey!! Well over an hour and I'm at 6%...oh well, as long as it works lol!
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    04-11-2016 06:54 PM
  5. B. Diddy's Avatar
    It's 6.5 hours later--I hope it finally finished! I assume the slowness is due to the HTC server, rather than your internet connection or hardware.
    04-12-2016 01:27 AM
  6. 0569 dloB's Avatar
    Hey Diddy, Had to scrub it! After 7 hrs it was at 32%. My connection is awesome-brand new U-verse hardline at 85 mbps. The weird thing is, when I cancelled the download and then started over today it jumped up to 22% immediately. I repeated the process and it jumped to 30. Unfortunately, that's where its capped. So I'm currently at 42% after 2hrs...
    04-12-2016 04:42 PM
  7. B. Diddy's Avatar
    Man, that's frustrating! I don't think it has to do with your connection--as I mentioned before, I suspect it's an issue with the HTC server. Try calling HTC support--click the Call option at the upper right of this page: HTC Support | HTC United States
    04-13-2016 12:03 AM
  8. 0569 dloB's Avatar
    Thats a good idea. If I didnt need to use the thing I could wait the couple of day it would take.
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    04-13-2016 02:45 AM
  9. 0569 dloB's Avatar
    Hey, so I just want to update this scenario and perhaps bring closure to this thread. Updating directly through HTC Sync Manager did ultimately turn out to be a success, as recommended by B. Diddy. It took an extremely long time but it did work and it is a seamless update. I will say that there is a silver lining to updating this way. I disconnected my phone at several points out of necessity. However, the dl seemed to pick up where it left off every time. It was actually further along then the progress bar was showing ie. when I disconnect it would show 29% and then when I would reconnect it would show 35 or 40% for example. Bottom line is that it did work and so, life goes on. Thanks for the help!
    04-22-2016 02:16 PM

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