1. Jcipollini's Avatar
    The camera app isn't able to open. It will try to open, but before the phone can even leave the home screen, the error message "Unfortunately, Camera has stopped" appears. In third party apps, it's an interesting story. The third party apps (twitter, snapchat, etc) will only use the secondary rear sensor. Yes. The little one by itself. And it won't let me try to switch to the front camera. Or the flash. On snapchat there isnt even the flash toggle button anymore, but there is a front/rear camera switch button that doesn't do anything. Twitter gives neither of those buttons. Just a blank space. And the viewfinder shows everything upside down, and grainy, and the color is quite odd, as if a filter is on it. But I guess that's what the little sensor always sees, as it was never meant to be seen through the viewfinder.
    07-15-2016 03:10 AM
  2. Jcipollini's Avatar
    And my torch (flashlight)app doesn't work. I get a notice that says "Your device doesn't support torch!" It's as if the phone thinks that there isn't a front camera or flash in the hardware. Or the main rear camera sensor for that matter. The phone thinks that the small rear sensor is the only camera hardware.
    07-15-2016 03:19 AM

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