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    I am finalizing the repair on my HTC One M8. I might be crazy repairing a 5 year old phone but I just don't like the ones currently on the market and might try and wait until 5G is in use.

    I had to replace the daughterboard (upper board) as the white locking tabs basically disintegrated over time. The one of the small ribbon cables that operate the on/off button needs has a tab that needs to be secured down to a square metal platform beneath it. The assembly from the factory secured this "tab" with some sort of adhesive but the replacement board did not have any adhesive on this tab. The side of the tab that needs to be secured is copper in color but I cannot tell if it is copper or not (it is not shiny) so I don't know if a conductive adhesive needs to be used or not. Thought I'd ask before simply adhering it down.


    06-18-2019 09:54 PM
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    A thin coating of rubber cement on the tab and a thin coating of rubber cement on the board. Let that dry well, then carefully position the tab and place it on the board. A light amount of finger pressure, and removing the tab will remove the board - rubber cement is actually contact adhesive, and 2 layers of them coming into contact makes an unbreakable bond. (You might just want a dab of it in the center of the tab, so if you ever have to replace it again, you have a chance of removing it.)
    06-23-2019 01:48 PM

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