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    ..At least one reviewer who's had hands-on time with the new M9 camera is not too complimentary. You really would have thought that after all the criticism of the M7/8 cameras that HTC wiould have nailed this.

    Not so it seems!

    We spent a day using the HTC One M9 as a camera (hands-on) - CNET

    Sounds disappointing, maybe? Well, it is. The problem I had with the M9's camera over a day and a half playing with it casually -- as, well, a regular phone-owner would -- is it just isn't that good. The 20-megapixel camera captures a fair amount of detail, but it's got some issues.

    To compare, I took shots against what's the best phone camera out there, arguably: the iPhone 6 Plus. The Plus takes great, crisp shots, has excellent low-light exposure, is super-fast, and also records phenomenal video. Maybe I was spoiled by it. The M9's camera, well...it's a step down.
    The M9's photos, which you can see throughout this post, are grainier, but they're not that bad. Some are actually very good, and turned out better than I expected. But I had a harder time dealing with low light, blew out more photos, and the camera had a much slower auto-focus than the 6 Plus. Acceptable? Maybe, but there are so many good and better phone cameras out there that this doesn't feel like one people would opt for.
    03-01-2015 10:56 AM
  2. smooth3006's Avatar
    yeah im reading that too.
    03-01-2015 10:57 AM
  3. petvas72's Avatar
    According to Android Authority the camera issues are known to HTC and they want to solve them before release..
    I guess we will see how it goes.

    I am not sure if I am going to buy the M9. I like the new design, especially the gunmetal color, and like the HTC software. Having said that, I am a Mac user and love my iPhone 6 Plus, so if I buy the M9 it will be as my second device..
    03-01-2015 11:01 AM
  4. TimmE's Avatar
    Reviews of pre-release camera software? Who cares?

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    03-01-2015 11:01 AM
  5. mountainbikermark's Avatar
    Not to be a Debbie downer but with c net anything not ios is going be looked at as sucking, no matter whether true or not.

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    03-01-2015 11:02 AM
  6. mountainman's Avatar
    Not to be a Debbie downer but with c net anything not ios is going be looked at as sucking, no matter whether true or not.

    Support Our Troops !!!
    Beast Mode 4
    Yeah really... Stopped taking CNET seriously years ago. Surprised people still use them for any kind of reporting or reviews. I would trust a 15 year old on crack in his parents basement blazing Megadeth more than anything that comes out of CNet.

    With that said, I'm afraid that 15 year old will take some crap pictures with the M9. That is a dang shame.
    03-01-2015 11:18 AM
  7. DJ Grand Theft Audio's Avatar
    I thought the m9 had a Toshiba T4KA7 camera not a Sony snapper as stated by the reviewer
    03-01-2015 04:21 PM

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