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    It has come to this time of the year where I am getting my new phone. This time I'm stuck with the same problem I had a year ago. So just let me explain my story.

    My first smartphone I had was the iPhone 4, which was the best smartphone ever I had at that point in time. After having the 4 for two years I finally upgraded to the iPhone 5. I enjoyed the eco-system and the way iOS works at that point in time. But then came "scuffgate" which alarmed me and I immediately sold my "Slate Black" iPhone 5 to get a Galaxy S4. After I got the Galaxy S4 I felt like I was liberated and enjoyed the freedom of having the option to customize lots of things, but at the same down I was also let down by the sluggishness and build quality of the device at that point in time.

    About 9 months ago I switched to an LG G3, android and that combination of software was so much smoother and I liked so many things about it. However, there were many times throughout the use of my S4 and G3 that I feel overwhelmed by the options and wished I just had something that would work and is simple. Unfortunately, I dropped my phone from a high place and it got completely destroyed.

    Now I have the option to either continue with an android (Which at the time I have chosen the HTC One M9) or an iPhone 6. The reason I have looked into these two phones are because their UI (in this case also OS) are very simple while the HTC one allowing me to change things if I ever wanted to and also their build. I don't really use my phone for any heavy-lifting, just light media consumption, social media and productivity apps. The reason I also didn't choose the plus despite it having the same screen size as the LG G3 is because the bezels of the G3 are so thin that it's like a 5.2" phone and the Plus feels like a clunky phone.

    I don't take many pictures either and I really don't care about the camera. My main priorities right now are: Build quality, Reliability, Display, Performance (in terms of day-to-day tasks like opening and closing apps)
    I tend to be quite invested in both of the eco-systems but I find that all of the apps I use (Snapchat, Evernote and various social media) are on the AppStore too, so lets just say that we do not take the eco-systems into this decision.
    05-08-2015 05:38 AM
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    Do you listen to a lot of music? The boomsound speakers are really nice on the M9. Also you can expand the storage on the M9 instead of paying $100 incriments for more storage on the iphone. Bulid quality is really great on both. HTC also offers the Uh Oh free replacement. The M9 has the higher res screen. I get better battery life with my M9 than my iphone 6. They are both great, so it's a tough choice!
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    05-08-2015 12:35 PM
  3. joewoo's Avatar
    Yea if you don't take advantage of the speakers, then you don't really have to get an m9... There are many cheaper alternatives...
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    05-08-2015 03:08 PM
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    Tough choice. Both feel good in the hand, though I prefer the M9 and quite like the gold band on the silver version which gives it a jewellery look. It's also more unique next to the ever so ubiquitous iPhone 6 (space grey would be my pick).

    The two issues I personally have with the iPhone are the jump from 16gb (way too small) to 64gb and the accompanied hike in price (the M9 is cheaper and adding your own storage is easy); the screen is pretty nice but it's a little outdated next to the S6 and you can notice that it's not as sharp as 1080p+ screens. The latter isn't a big deal but for a 2 year device it does make me hesitant. You're aware of differences in os so no need to mention that, but little things like the lack of sharing on iOS can be annoying (in android you can pretty much share to any app and get a long list but in iOS it's a small select few and you have to do workarounds).

    Problems I have with M9 are what looks like a cooler screen/no advancement from last year's M8 screen, mediocre camera (which you don't care about). The lack of fingerprint scanner may or may not bother you and in exchange you get awesome speakers. If you're like me and watch lots of youtube and podcasts then these get a lot of use and are quite a unique selling point

    Of all the Android devices the M9 is still getting praised for it's lack of lag so I don't think you'll be disappointed with either. They just 'work'. The iPhone is the best all round device IMO and it's still holding on
    05-08-2015 03:46 PM
  5. thatguy97's Avatar
    G4 all the way

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    05-08-2015 04:22 PM
  6. msm0511's Avatar
    I have both phones, and can honestly say you won't be disappointed by either. Once I got most of the kinks worked out with my M9 I've been really happy with it. Out of the box I prefer the iPhone 6 to be honest. Apple's stock apps I prefer to HTC's, but the nice thing is you can set 3rd party as default on the M9. I've purposely not been using the 6 since I got my M9 to get completely used to it. The two things I miss the most are TouchID and iMessage (most of the people I text the most are iOS users). The integration with OS X is really nice if you're a Mac user as well. The displays are pretty evenly matched. While the iPhone's colors are a little more true to life, the M9 has a higher resolution and I prefer the way it handles text rendering. Also the display is a little larger. The build quality is great on both. The 6 is really light while the M9 has some heft to it. I like the weight though. When I first pulled the M9 out of the box I instantly realized how much I missed the weight of phones. They've all gotten a bit too light in my opinion recently. The addition of BoomSound is great on the M9 even if you only use it to watch YouTube, movie trailers, etc. But for gaming I love them. The tech also carries over to the headphones too, so it's definitely louder and has punchier sound than the 6,

    tl;dr For your uses I'm pretty sure you've be satisfied with either. They're both well built, great performing devices.
    05-08-2015 04:59 PM

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