1. stocktrader240's Avatar
    Got my new m9 last week, love mostly everything about the phone except for the placement of the darn power button. I accidently turn it on or off too often and its frustrating enough for me to post about it. A very simple solution that i'm hoping someone could tell me if possible, would be to make the power button a long press button that takes 1-2 seconds or so to activate. I usually turn my phone on or off by touching the screen anyways so the actual button itself is far more a nuisance than anything else. Anyone know a way around this or an easy fix? Seems a simple enough thing to fix if the option is only available. Thanks!
    06-28-2015 10:43 PM
  2. Rukbat's Avatar
    It's pretty simple, you just rewrite Android to require the time you want. Unless you can't rewrite an operating system - then it's not so simple.
    06-28-2015 11:06 PM
  3. davidtm's Avatar
    I love the app Gravity Screen for turning off the screen - lots of options. Then, just double-tap to turn on. I almost never use the power button any more.

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    06-28-2015 11:16 PM
  4. Robert Matthews1's Avatar
    You can add a power button onto your navigation panel.
    Find it alot easier

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    06-29-2015 12:15 AM
  5. msm0511's Avatar
    But those suggestions don't really help accidentally pressing it. What I found that helped me is getting the HTC Clear Shield case. It adds rubbery buttons for volume and power. It's a fairly low profile clear case that doesn't detract from the design. The rubbery buttons need more pressure so accidental presses don't happen. I've since been able to take the case off b/c I got accustomed to the button placement.
    06-29-2015 09:36 AM

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