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    So, i'm new to the world of custom ROMs. I have always used stock phones, but i wanted to check out these ROMs that people rave about. I read up on how to unlock bootloader, root, and install custom recovery/ROM. It all seemed pretty straight forward. The documentation online was good, all the steps worked fine. But i seem to have picked up some weird side effect that won't go away, and renders my phone nearly useless.

    After installing Adroid Revolution HD, my screen is jittery and nearly unresponsive to touch unless the phone is plugged into a charging cable. I thought i must have done something wrong, so i wiped and reinstalled, same issue. I think okay, maybe it's just something with that build, so i downloaded and installed the most recent previous version. Still same issue.

    So i thought, ARHD is just crappy on my own HTC One M9 on AT&T. So i downloaded and installed Viper ROM, and have the same issue. What gives??

    So next i go directly to HTC. The tech that helped me tells me this jiitery screen issue happens sometimes after an update, he's sure he can help me. Yay! He advised me to wipe my cache partition - no problem! So i did that and i still have the jittery screen issue. I can't use my phone unless it's plugged into a USB charging cable now. So pissed i didn't leave it stock!

    So i'm humbly asking anyone out there for help. I can fall back on the Uh Oh protection, but seems like there must be an easy fix that i just don't know about.

    So... thanks everyone.
    07-02-2015 03:36 PM
  2. wtkidd1972's Avatar
    Flashed back to stock HTC ROM. All is good now.
    07-07-2015 11:51 AM

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