1. garbs's Avatar
    Apologies for joining the forum to ask this question.
    My htc one m9 was stolen from me last evening, by some kind worthless piece of **** at a prodigy gig...but I digress.
    My question is, can I access my contact list, photos etc on line in someway?
    When I had the phone in June, I signed up for google drive, various things with htc etc...
    I've logged into Google drive but I can't seem to see anything related to my htc.
    Thanks for any help anyone may be able to give.
    Oh, and watch out for those damn pickpockets...
    12-04-2015 02:47 PM
  2. Almeuit's Avatar
    I would try logging into your Google Account on a PC and then go to Android Device Manager (https://www.google.com/android/devicemanager). From there you can setup a new password and GPS/Locate your device.
    Also you can try entering your main PW wrong a few times and the phone usually will prompt for your Google Account to unlock the device if you would rather do than (or don't have access to ADM).
    12-04-2015 02:48 PM
  3. garbs's Avatar
    Thanks for that mate.
    I can get into onto the page where I can locate my phone, erase it etc.
    Is there anyway though I can get my photos and contacts from any cloud etc?
    12-04-2015 03:14 PM
  4. pcabe5's Avatar
    I think your contacts are viewable from gmail, under my contacts. That is provided you saved your contacts as Google contacts and not phone or sim contacts. Also signing up for Google Drive only provides a place for storage, you have to put the photos there.

    Did you have a password or pin lock setup on your phone?
    12-06-2015 06:52 PM

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