1. Fathertime's Avatar
    Can I update my M9 over wifi if I don't have a sim in it?
    05-17-2016 10:46 AM
  2. jlarkins08's Avatar
    05-17-2016 01:51 PM
  3. Fathertime's Avatar
    Thanks. Has Marshmallow been released yet for download?
    05-17-2016 01:59 PM
  4. holz75's Avatar
    Wait a minute... If you're wanting to download the AT&T Marshmallow update, don't you need your AT&T sim card to get it from the AT&T servers? Without the sim card, how does the phone know where it's downloading the update from?
    05-17-2016 04:55 PM
  5. Fathertime's Avatar
    I believe you're correct. Thanks,
    05-17-2016 07:49 PM
  6. foxbat121's Avatar
    In the past, no you don't have to have sim card because the ATT update app knows where to download OTA update. But recent years, things have changed partly because updates are much larger downloads. Now you have to have an active ATT sim card in the phone and connected to ATT network in US in order to see the updates. The actual download can still go through wifi.
    05-17-2016 09:09 PM

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