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    I'm using an Herbert Richter case (hr-grip.com) on a motobike mount.

    The case includes a tactile screen protection - which works fine when the phone is on.

    However, the usual "waking" gestures won't work with that protection (double-tap-to-wake/D2TW or swipe-left-to-wake - which both work fine with my phone "naked", ie without that specific screen protection).

    Has anyone encountered that problem / something similar ? Found a solution ?

    Would anyone have a suggestion for a turnaround ?
    I hear the phone could be "woken up" with the proximity sensor ? or swiping in front of the camera ? or ???

    My phone: HTC One M9 - Android Marshmallow - Herbert Richter "Biker Splash Box"

    Thank you so much !
    09-30-2017 04:54 AM

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