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    Well I couldn't wait for AT&T to get the HTC One Max any longer. Especially after Christmas bonuses and such, I had a little extra money, and it was burning a hole in my pocket.

    Since one of my Verizon devices was stolen, I've had that account suspended. This was an opportunity to get a new phone and see if Verizon's network is better than AT&T. They seem to go back and forth from time to time in my area of Houston.

    Anyways, I popped in my AT&T SIM when the device was starting up for the first time. Had to visit in the in-laws in Louisiana and there was no Verizon service there. It did give me a notice that I was using a foreign SIM card, but it allowed me to proceed. I configured the APN and was on my way with talk, text, and data (HSPA+ up to 14.4Mbps by spec).

    As for Cricket, they had a deal on a phone which I could do an unboxing on so I snatched that up. It's an LTE phone and came with a SIM card. In the past I had issues with an "ME rejected" error when trying to put the SIM in a non Cricket phone. Actually with trying to put it on any phone that wasn't on my Cricket account. I still get that error every few minutes with this device BUT talk, text, and data (3G) works. I will contact a dealer and see if I can get the IMEI on the account AND keep the SIM card in the system as well. This might stop the ME rejected issue.

    For the time being, Go SMS will have to be used for MMS. I actually don't have the time to do too much more experimentation unless people want me to try out their solution.

    Cricket Wireless Setup

    AT&T Setup

    GO SMS Configurations

    Cricket Wireless


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