1. netcub's Avatar
    I use to use my HTC one all the time with Google wallet. I have nfc enabled, but none of the places I previously used Google wallet will work with the one max. Anyone know what may be wrong?
    01-15-2014 09:08 PM
  2. 97trakin's Avatar
    That's because back when you were trying to use it, Tap2Pay wan't compatible with this phone. With the KitKat update it now is. I use tap2pay and love it.
    04-23-2014 06:24 PM
  3. centauress's Avatar
    T2P was implemented by hardware before KK. Apparently, HTC was pretty sure that they were going to upgrade the Max to it, so they just left out the pre-4.4 hardware and saved a few bucks.

    Sent from my HTC0P3P7 using Tapatalk
    05-22-2014 04:50 AM

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