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    Hi, looking for my first smart phone, I want to ditch my macbook pro + dumb phone combo and turn a smartphone into PDA with some type of miniature physical keyboard case. In order to switch I desperately need simplicity of operation or less menus less use of my fingers, and more shortcuts there are too many things going left side up, down….too much to remember and no mouse. I only need 5 things

    1) To work as a phone, so simple dialing, two way, simple contact access… minimal menu navigating
    2) Browsing the internet, - very important in simplicity and multitasking in using 3-5 webpages (tabs) switching between tabs, minimizing, maximizing, quick zoom in and out with less finger using.
    3) Typing emails…..running my eBay store… I use yahoo rogers email so via web browser not outlook
    4) Microsoft office/ excel for invoicing my ebay store so need constantly to change between three open windows, browser, excel, email… lots of copy/ paste…..
    5) Radio, or music player, podcast and radio AM as well not just FM.
    I don’t use social media, no games, no camera, so don’t need feeds, notifications… just basic stuff.


    1) Can you turn one max into M8, with all this flashing the ROM and customization? How many features or interface navigation can be changed or taken from M8. I’m still confused what is changeable and what is stock made by manufacturer and can never be changed or removed, what is upgradable...So for example stuff like double tapping the screen on M8 unlocks the phone, can this be added to One max?
    2) Sensei, again confused if I get the same version as the M8 how much resemblance is there between the two in navigation, aesthetics, and settings…
    3) I see different one max software upgrade from Sprint, Verizon… what does that mean, does each upgrade adds special features from each company?
    4) Android version, again how much is it similar on m8 and one max if both run the same version
    5) Does the one max allow me to uses a stylus pen or customized to accept it via custom ROM?
    6) Can I change the navigation bar location, size of nav bar buttons, the way they function so double tapping or other features…..Can the nav bar able to work with landscape mode as well so if customize it in portrait when switching to landscape it might give me a different look or more buttons in nav bar to spread across longer length?
    7) Zoom, can I preset the phone to a certain zoom % with a nav bar button, so no matter what app or website I brows one click of my zoom nav bar button zooms in to my preset percentage and second click goes back. And is this across the board or needs to be preset on each app separately?
    8) Minimizing maximizing windows, again same as my zoom, one button in nav bar to minimize second click (press) maximize, or one virtual button to rotate between three open windows for multitasking.
    9) Copy / Paste I do a lot of copy, paste with keyboard shortcuts on my laptop, can I add a button in nav bar one click copy second click paste.
    10) Scrolling, instead of a finger, nav button to scroll slowly, or 4 arrow nav buttons to scroll in each direction – is that possible to add to nav barr?
    11) I do a lot of highlighting text then right click mouse and search online, comparing the M8 and One max which one has a better option to do it fast, or what is the best alternative without using my fingers so highlighting optimization is probably the biggest challenge without a mouse cursor
    12) Phone keypad, can I move around the location of each dial number , resize it, reshape it………?
    13) Virtual Keyboard this is a the biggest one, can I make the virtual keyboard appear and disappear with one button in my nav bar, but across the board so doesn’t matter which app I open it won’t pop up on me only I control when to bring it up via nav bar button.
    14) Remapping nav bar buttons, can I program it so one nav button is lets say copy/pase in excel, but if I open web browser or other app the same nav button does a different function for me inside that app.?
    15) Virtual keyboard, can I change the locating, size, spacing and shape of the keys?
    16) Physical keyboard, ok when holding the phone in portrait mode my physical keyboard would be sideways, in this portrait mode can I program or map certain physical keys which are lower and closer to the right so same row in width as my nav bar virtual keys, would I be able program these three physical keys to do additional functions, like zoom, minimizing… this is so I don’t cramp up the nav bar too much (in width) with to many virtual buttons.
    But when I hold the phone in landscape mode, these 3 physical buttons no longer work under portrait mapping and automatically start working as landscape mapping like a normal physical keyboard.

    As you can see I’m dinosaur trying to see if I can turn the phone into a tiny laptop with phone capabilities and use mostly buttons with least amount of swiping the screen or touching the screen at all, so I can navigate mostly with my nav bar and physical keyboard.

    That’s why I asked to compare the M8 vs One MAX, which one will be better with my specific requests. Screen size is a major issue, if M8 was closer to 6” then no brainier.

    Apologize for long post, I’m loosing sleep over this, since I have to make the move into the 21 century at some point.

    02-17-2015 01:42 PM
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    OP, if you are still in the market, I would get the M8. The Max has lower specs, and I am not sure if at this point HTC is going to keep it up to date.
    04-15-2015 08:50 AM

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