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    Having recently got a HTC one mini 2 as part of a payment plan deal I have recently noticed connectivity issues with the wifi.

    The wifi reception seems to be poor unless you are practically sitting on top of the router.
    An added problem is when in landscape mode (browsing webpages, watching Youtube videos, playing games) the connection will regularly drop.
    The only real solution seems to turn the phone back to its portrait position whereupon it regains a full signal.
    Important to note is that this only seems to happen when holding the phone in my hand.

    My previous phone was an iphone 3gs and have not experienced this connection problem on the same router.
    I have checked the settings on the router and can see no problems with the device connections.

    Has anybody else noted this problem?
    Does anybody have any suggestions apart from laying it on some surface (its a phone not a desktop)?
    09-24-2014 04:57 AM
  2. JonathanTa's Avatar
    Still need help with this issue - please anyone any experience with this?
    09-24-2014 07:42 AM
  3. Alexandru Duca's Avatar

    I have found a solution for this problem cause I have a HTC One mini 2 and I have the same issue like you.
    1st of all where is your router positioned in the house, if you are happy with it's place and you don't wont to move it follow this step.

    Go to your phone settings - wi-fi - 3 dots on top right - advanced - and on wi-fi frequency band chose 2.4 Ghz (not Auto, not 5Ghz). Make sure that your SSID of your router is set up properly. Is it possible to have 2 separate SSID one for 2.4Ghz and one for 5Ghz. This shall resolve your problem. Why? Is it true the download speed on 5Ghz wi fi frequency band is faster but the signal is more sensitive. The 2.4Ghz frequency band has a little bit less speed than 5GHz but the signal is less sensitive. I can say that I am happy with 2.4 Ghz cause I don't really need a super download speed on a phone to be honest. I'm downloading from Android Market with 15 Mb/s so I am happy with that.

    Hope this will resolve your issue so please let me know.

    Best Regards.
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    02-26-2015 08:51 AM

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